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My house is brand new why do I have to schedule a maintenance Check-Up?
A: Even if your house is new it is still extremely important to schedule a semi-annual Check-Up for preventive maintenance in the spring and fall. The philosophy that “it is not broken, don't fix it” is not the right answer. It is the same reason you get a physical every year or your teeth cleaned every 6 months. You want to catch any problems as early as possible to prevent major, more costly repairs later. During a preventive maintenance Check-Up your outdoor and indoor (if accessible) coils get cleaned to allow for better air flow and your unit does not have to work as hard which saves on your compressor and motor and saves you money on your energy bill. Also, your entire system is completely checked for any leaks or potential problems in the future, which leads to very costly repairs or even shortens the life of your unit if not checked out regularly.
Why do I need to have my gas furnace cleaned?
A: Furnaces are in your attic or garage which could catch on fire if you have excessive dust and debris build up. When we check and clean your furnace we actually take apart the burners and clean them individually (which is unique to our company, no other company in AZ have we found to take this important step), to allow for more efficient heating and lower risk of a fire. Your Furnace can put off CO (Carbon Monoxide gas) if it not working properly. CO is an orderless, colorless, tasteless gas that will make you very sick and can cause death. Our company is unique in the way that we will test for CO leaks with every furnace cleaning assure your family is safe.
My equipment is still under manufacture warranty, do I have to call the company that installed my equipment to repair it?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Any Licensed Contractor can preform repairs under manufacture warranty. Just keep in mind that unless your warranty states it covers parts AND labor it is usually only PARTS. This means that the manufacture does NOT pay for labor or freon and the technician will be charging you labor and freon to repair your equipment.
How often should I change my filters?
A: We recommend to change / clean your filters EVERY MONTH regardless of what kind of filters you decide to use.
I need to purchase a new unit, how do I know which size to get?
A: The only correct way to know what size unit you need for your home (or office), is to get a “HEAT LOAD CALCULATION” preformed. A heat load calculation is a formula that takes into consideration, the size of your home, how many windows and door, the type of insulation, and more to determine what the “HEAT LOSS” is and what size unit is most cost efficient for your home (or office).
I have allergies and respiratory issues, is there anything I can do to make the air quality better in my home?
A: YES! There are many different products available to better the air quality in your home, from total home humidifiers, to UV lights, to air purifiers. We can talk to you and see what product best fits your individual needs. (See services page for a video showing how the “Guardian Air” purifier works).
What can I do about one of the rooms in my house feeling noticeably warmer than the rest of the house?
A: There are many factors than can cause this problem. The first thing that needs to be determined is if your system is sized correctly. If it is sized correctly, you will need to have the system balanced. If not, you have two options, adding a mini-split (a ductless unit) or up sizing your unit. Our company is able to balance out each and every air vent to assure your system is balanced correctly with a piece of equipment called an “Air Hood”.
My unit is “running” all of the time!
A: This is NOT normal, your unit should not be running all of the time! If this is happening to you, it is time to call us to check out your unit and find out why this is happening.

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